Brazil rejects bid to drill for oil near unique Amazon reef

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Brazil rejects bid to drill for oil near unique Amazon reef

The company still has another chance to send additional documentation as requested by Ibama. “This will be the third and last time that the Agency is willing to allow Total to provide adequate information about the environmental impact of the project. If Total does not adequately address the outstanding requests from the technical team, the licensing process will be finally archived,” said Suely Araujo, Ibama’s president.

On Ibama’s decision, Helena Spiritus, Greenpeace Brazil Energy Campaigner said:

“After two years and multiple unanswered questions, Total has failed to meet the demands of the regulator, Ibama. They have shown they are incompetent and not fit to drill anywhere near the Amazon Reef. Ibama shouldn’t give them another chance to threaten this precious ecosystem.”

Amazon Investment, Brazillians reject project to drill oil reserve near Amazon.

“The only right decision by Total now is to give up their plans to drill at the Amazon mouth, instead of trying to find ways to convince authorities to approve this risky project, rejected by science, local communities and by the Brazilian Environmental Agency.”

More than 1.2 million of people all around the world have called Total and BP to cancel their plans to drill for oil reserve near the Amazon Reef.

SeaHorse Corporate Point of View

According to the National Oil Agency, at the beginning of August 2017, Brazil became the largest producer of oil in Latin America. Regarding the oil and gas sector last year, there was a 3.2% increase in oil production in Brazil.

With the new discovery of exclusive oil sources in northern Brazil, the country initially rejected a request from the French oil giant TOTAL to drill areas of the Amazon state. With discoveries of possible areas of oil, around the national territory, interferes directly in the interest of foreign companies in the Brazilian oil market.


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