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Brazil is a country of many opportunities. The government of the country supports various investment programs to help the development of various regions such as Northeast, North and Midwest. Here you will find more information about the programs to help new investors who wish to gain Investment Incentives in Brazil.

Superintendence for the Development of the Northeast (SUDENE)

The fiscal incentive may be applied for by the small, medium and large national or foreign enterprises, that will be installed, or those which are already installed and operating in the area of operation comprising the Brazilian Northeast States, the north of Minas Gerais and the municipalities of the Vale do Jequitinhonha (MG) and those in the north of Espírito Santo.

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SUDENE - Investment Incentives in Brazil

SUDAM - Investment Incentives in Brazil

Superintendence for the Development of the Amazon (SUDAM)

A federal autarchy subordinated to the Ministry of National Integration, acting in the whole Legal Amazon, comprising the States of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins and the part of the State of Maranhão.

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Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (SUFRAMA) 

Autarchy linked to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC). Its main purpose is to promote social and economic development, in a sustained way in its sphere of influence, by means of the generation, attraction and consolidation of investments, supported by technological empowerment, aiming at the region’s competitive international insertion. Accordingly, among other actions, it is responsible for managing the granting of tax incentives.

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SUFRAMA - Investment Incentives in Brazil

SUDECO - Investment Incentives in Brazil

Superintendence for the Development of the MIDWEST (SUDECO)

The Superintendence is responsible for programs and actions in the Midwest macro Region. Furthermore, SUDECO holds the Midwest Constitutional Financing Fund, or Fundo Constitucional de Financiamento do Centro-Oeste (FCO).

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Export Processing Zones (EPZ)

Export Processing Zones in Brazil

Investment Incentives in Brazil

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Incentives for Innovation

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