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Why invest in Brazil

Why should you invest in Brazil

Brazil is located in the South America, being the biggest country and also the economy leader in the region also the 9º largest economy in the world, those are some of the factors that make this country a powerhouse economy and a great place for new investments.

As big as the country Brazil have a population with more than 205 million (IBGE), where only the economically active population represented 36% of all Latin America, with a strong policy of investment in energy and agriculture and also a sustainable growth.

Brazil Natural Resources

The major advantage of Brazil is the vast natural resources, this can be measured by the country being one of the worldwide largest producer and exporter of agricultural products, the world largest producer of ethanol and iron ore.

Therefore Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee, sugar cane and fruit juices, soy, meat, chicken and leather, and is sel-sufficient in oil wich represents the sixth exportable sector in the country.

The infrastructure investment are recurring in the country government policies, in 2015 the Electricity Investment Program was announced and his principal objective is to expand the generation and transmission lines of energy.

The total of investment is of 186 billion, with the expectancy of generating 25,000 to 31,5000 megawatts.

In the agribusiness sector, the high investments of science and technology made Brazil a strong and constantly expanding industry. The market is always modernizing itself not only in scientific area but in machinery and equipment too, as a result encourages development of other economic areas such energy, aviation, IT and biotechnology.

Brazil is also going through a major change in their business and market policies. Recently the country approved some changes in their employment contract laws, making it more flexible as a result more jobs will be generated, the purchasing power of the population will rise and the costs with logistics for industries will fall, promoting a more diverse and competitive economy.

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