The investments in Brazil showed increase in the third semester

The investments in Brazil showed increase in the third semester of 2017. After four years of decline, the return on investments reinforces the bets that the recovery of the Brazilian economy tends to gain strength from now on. The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) announced the rise of GDP on Friday. According to [...]

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Brazilian retail trade showed growth new opportunities for investment

After two years of decline, the positive advances taken by the Government in order to make the Labor Law (CLT) more flexible, started to show results. The Brazilian retail trade showed a slight increase of 2% in its sector. The survey, which was released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) on Friday, [...]

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Brazil rejects bid to drill for oil near unique Amazon reef

The company still has another chance to send additional documentation as requested by Ibama. “This will be the third and last time that the Agency is willing to allow Total to provide adequate information about the environmental impact of the project. If Total does not adequately address the outstanding requests from the technical [...]

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Petrobras Suffers Growing Pains in Brazil’s Freed Oil Investing Market

Brazil's Fuel Market Zema, a 94 year-old retailer of toys and appliances in Brazil’s interior, has become an unlikely thorn in the side of state-controlled oil behemoth Petroleo Brasileiro SA. This year Zema, which also runs gas stations, got its first fuel import license and joined a fast-growing group of new players that managed [...]

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Venezuelan Bonds Get Harder to Trade Thanks to Sanctions

U.S. sanctions imposed on Venezuela last week put limits on new debt from the country. But the Treasury Department’s move is having broader consequences in the bond market, where brokers taking a cautious stance are limiting trades in existing notes. Depository Trust Company, a custodian for more than $35 trillion of securities, temporarily put [...]

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