Brazilian retail trade showed growth new opportunities for investment

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Brazilian retail trade showed growth new opportunities for investment

After two years of decline, the positive advances taken by the Government in order to make the Labor Law (CLT) more flexible, started to show results. The Brazilian retail trade showed a slight increase of 2% in its sector. The survey, which was released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) on Friday, presents a positive result.

According to the data collected, the increase was influenced by the sales of furniture and appliances, whose sales started to grow again by reducing interest rates.

Table of sales variation

Brazil retail trade sales of the latests years

Font: IBGE.

In comparison with the same period last year (December), the sales represented a growth of 3.3% in trade.

By sectors, the performance was as follows:
– Fabrics, clothing and shoes (7.0%);
– Furniture and household appliances (8.2%);
– Pharmaceutical, medical, orthopedic, perfumery and cosmetics articles (7.1%);
– Fuels and lubricants (-7.2%);
– Equipment and supplies for office, computer and communication (-18.2%);
– Books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (-9.7%);
– Other articles of personal and domestic use (-0.6%).

The hypermarket sector also sold more in 2017, 1.4%, and helped Brazilian retailers show signs of recovery. With the rise in trade, the sector intends to recover the 10.2% lost in the same period last year. This growth may represent new opportunities for old and new investors seeking a specific industry to act.

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